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All the cool things Large Format Printers can make

Posted on Mon, Feb 24, 2014

Large format printers are pretty amazing machines, and if you have access to one, you'll be able to create some pretty amazing projects for your home or business. The technology of large printing has advanced so much in the last few decades that items that could only be ordered through a specialty printer can now be created by anyone who owns one. Here are just a few of the amazing things you can create with a
large format printer

large_format_printer_doorDoor Coverings:
If you want to spice up the plain doors and windows in your home or at your business, a large format printer can help you do exactly that. Just create the design that you want and then print what you need to cover the entire door. You can make it professional, fun and creative or any other design concept you can come up with.

Vehicle decals: used to be a lot more expensive, and many small business owners who needed vehicle decals didn't want to spend the money to get them. Now, thanks to large format printing, anyone can print out a vehicle decal that can be applied in a matter of minutes using the right paper. Whether you want to make your company cars look a little more professional or more attractive looking.

Custom Wallpaper/ Wall Graphics:
You can also create custom wallpaper and paper an entire room with your own design. There are specialty papers that will allow you to print the wallpaper out on the large format machine and then apply it to the room just as you would with any other type of wallpaper. You can also print out your own wall graphics that you can cut out and apply to any wall or window.

Signage & Advertising: large_format_advertise
Large format printers work especially well for printing signs, banners and large advertisements. You can create your own billboard sized print and put it on the side of a building, or just create signage for your store. Large format printers are versatile and will work with many different types of paper that can be made into signs and advertisements.
Life-Sized Cardboard Cutouts:
Want to have your favorite football player in your living room? How about your favorite actress? Large format printers make this easily possible, as you can design your cardboard cut out, print it, and then cut your own cardboard to match.

There are many things that you can do with a large format printer. Whether you are creating decor for your home, or signage for your business, these printers will help you make your design a reality, and easily be seen. For a free estimate on a large format printer give us a call at 313-441-4610 or visit our
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