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Affordable Lexmark Printer Repair

Posted on Wed, Sep 28, 2016

spending-on-printingSo your Lexmark printer isn't functioning properly. Maybe instead of replacing the printer you can have the printer repaired? While every situation is a bit different than the next, depending on the issue, printer repair may end up proving a more affordable option. What is affordable Lexmark printer repair though? If you haven't utilized a repair service before, you may have no real idea as to what it costs or what to expect. Governor Business Solutions is here to help assist you in discovering a likely price tag and how to determine whether or not your printer should be repaired or replaced.

Look For Error Codes

When printing with your Lexmark printer, an error message will appear on either the device's control screen or on the computer you're sending the print request from. Outside the printer just not turning on, you should have an error code. Make sure to take note of the error code as it will help pinpoint the issue and identify a possible cost for the repair. If the device isn't turning on there are only a handful of issues possible here as well, so it won't take much troubleshooting to identify the situation here either.

Talk With the Professionals

Call Governor Business Solutions at 313-441-4600 to explain the problem and include any error codes appearing with the issue. With the error codes you'll receive an answer as to the problem and what needs to be corrected. It is possible you can correct the error in house without even sending anything out or purchasing replacement parts. At Governor Business solutions, it is all about addressing your concerns, so if you can fix it with guidance over the phone, the customer service professionals at Governor Business Solutions will walk you through the situation.

Identifying the Cost

By following through with the troubleshooting and the error code, the customer service representatives can pinpoint the problem and determine the potential cost of a repair. While other issues may come up during the repair, such as one problem causing another, you'll discover how much the printer repair will cost. It is important for you to know what it will run your business so you can make an educated decision as to whether you should purchase a new printer or perform the printer repair.

In House Vs. Outsourcing Repairs

Now that you have all necessary information at your disposal, if you've decided to move forward with the printer repair you'll need to decide whether to perform the repair on your own or outsource it. Customer service can indicate how easy it is to repair the printer, so you can decide if you'd like to perform the repair or not. If you want to conduct the repair all you need to do is order the replacement part. This cuts out the cost of labor, should you decide to go this route. At Governor Business Solutions, you can either take advantage of the printer repair services offered by the company, or you can order the replacement parts and have it shipped direct. It's all up to you.

By having your Lexmark printer repaired, you'll likely save money and restore the functionality of your printer. Each printer issue can be a bit different from the next, and you may find it is better in the longer wrong to simply replace your damaged printer. Whatever the final decision is or the issue you're experiencing, Governor Business Solutions is here to assist you every step of the way. With quality repair parts, services and excellent customer service specialists, you'll have all your issues and needs addresses right here.

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