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Advantages of MFP-based Imaging Solutions

Posted on Mon, Nov 18, 2013

No matter the size of your company, the products you sell or the services provide, chances are, you have a rather substantial backup of paper based material quickly adding up in your office. From signed documents and contracts to design outlines and any other variety of paper goods, this material increases at an exceptionally quick rate, making it extremely difficult on your company and how it functions. From the amount of space it takes up to the length of time required to locate desired information, hard copy paperwork simply isn't necessary any longer. There are other methods available for your business, which is exactly why you need to consider MFP based imaging solutions. MFP, or multifunction peripheral is an imaging solutions feature that scans in all of the hard copy receipts and documents, all while organizing the material in a single network, allowing all of your workers access to the stored data, without having to flip through countless rows of filing cabinets and folders. There are several known advantages to MFP-based imaging solutions but some of the most important benefits for customers is saving money and increasing productivity.

Save Money

Continually printing off hard copy documents becomes extremely expensive in a variety of ways. First, the cost of running your printer, copier and fax machine are drastically cut down with the imaging solutions. While having this hardware on hand is still necessary, you won't have to replace your ink cartridges as often, which in turn should help you save several hundred, if not a few thousand dollars a year. On top of this, you are able to refrain from purchasing more filing cabinets and space to store the paper repositories. By switching over to the MFP based imaging solutions, you should see an immediate reduction in your yearly expenses by several thousand dollars, but this is not the only way you save money. Employee productivity should also increase, allowing your company to complete work faster and increasing sales.


Digging through countless files of office material takes up an extended period of time. Whenever an employee requires the information, they have to leave their desk and search through the filing cabinets in order to locate the information. Eventually, the dated material might be moved offsite or to a different location in the building, which takes up even more time. Should the issue originate through a different branch in a different city, your employees will have to contact the other locations and wait for the other employees to locate the paperwork.

productivity1All of this is an extensive drain on resources and employee productivity. In order to avoid this sort of a situation, the MFP imaging solutions makes it much easier to track down all documents, all without ever requiring an employee to leave their desk. They simply need to log onto the business network or cloud service and locate the digital file this way. This trims down a task that could possibly take hours, if not days, to only a few minutes. This way, the employee can continue on with their daily work routine, complete more tasks and increase the overall productivity of the entire office.

There are many ways to save money and to turn your business into a strong player in your given industry. One of the best ways to do this is by reducing the amount of paperwork you have to go through. With the MFP imaging solutions, you'll never have to worry about stacks of paperwork sitting on your desk or countless filing cabinets filling the hallways ever again. The imaging service transfers all of your hard copy receipts, contracts and outlines into digital information, so every computer inside the office or business network has access, saving you both time and money. For more information on MFP based Imaging Solutions, call 888-513-3593, find us online or start reading more benefits here.

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