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7 Easy Tips to Save your Business Time & Money with Printing

Posted on Tue, Jul 23, 2013

Did you know that printing in your office can take up 30% of your operating costs in your office alone? That’s because you and your business could be practicing some inefficient printing habits that could be costing your business time and money!
7_tips-resized-600Tip #1:
Use a multifunction printer (MFP). It boosts productivity by eliminating inefficient office practices, saving space and money while improving workflows. The reason multi-function printers boosts productivity is because it is way more efficient than a typical laser printer. Literally have your document waiting for you to pick it up at the printer, instead of waiting on it to finish your printing job.When most people talk about saving time and money, it’s a big deal, especially in the business world. So if you can save time and money through your operations, why not save more of it through your printer. The great thing is that there are several ways to quickly start doing this. Here are seven easy tips to change your printing habits, to save you more time and money!

Tip #2: Before you print, change in your printer settings to Duplex printing. Duplex printing is a feature on most advanced printers that utilizes both sides of the paper, reducing the amount of paper your company uses. You can even set duplex or double-sided printing as the default on all of the printers in your office so you don’t have to remember to change your settings every time! This will save your company a lot of wasted paper!

Tip #3: Utilize other efficiency settings on the computers in your office as well, such as reducing the size of your margins and printing in draft mode. Doing something small like this, will result in less paper, ink, and toner used, saving you money on consumables.

Tip #4: Scan your paper documents and convert them to digital files. It not only reduces the amount of time, space, and money you dedicate toward storing your files, but optical character recognition (OCR) makes locating and accessing the data within them easier. Not to mention, you could access your file virtually anywhere you go. It also, eliminates the need to manually type these documents into your word processor. Think of all the time and money you already saved with these four tips!

Tip #5: Look only for ENERGY STAR® qualified products. These products are more energy efficient than typical, non-qualified models. Most importantly, it requires less power to operate and reduces your electricity bills. One of the best parts of these qualified products is how they aren’t that expensive. Just request to see the Energy Star list of products from a Governor Service Representative and I guarantee you’ll find more than a couple you’d like to have!

Tip #6: Consider additional paper trays. Attaching more paper trays on your printer enable you to stock your machine with more paper. More paper means large print runs without the need to manually reload the trays as often. Less intervention leads to more productivity. It may not sound that hard to reload a printer with paper every time, if you had just one printer tray, but think of all the time your employees use to refill it. That adds up to too much time wasted!

Tip #7: Network printing enables your office to share printers, which results in the sharing of files and resources, and the streamlining of workflows. Some printers and MFPs also allow administrators to enable usage setting to control network printing among users, while still taking advantage of more efficient printing activities.

As you can see, seven small printing tips could change a large portion of your business. And now that you know how expensive printing can be, and how easy it is to start saving you time and money with little tips, you might have thought about looking into maximizing the efficiency in your print environment. The great news is that, these are only the small tips that save you money! We know even more powerful ways to start saving you more time and money. To find out the secret offices all around the world are using to save time and money on printing, Click here!


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