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Huge Benefits that Come with Managed Print Services

Posted on Sun, Jan 31, 2016

When it comes to overhead for both big and small businesses, printing is often one of the biggest costs. It's also something that isn't typically managed well in-house. Many businesses have inaccurate printing overhead costs because they don't keep track of what may seem like smaller expenditures, such as printing paper or ink cartridges. By using a managed print service, you'll ensure that your company's printing operation is much more streamlined and organized.

By using managed print services, your company can benefit in several ways, including:managed-print-services

1. Saves Loads of Money

Because managed print services can help you to more accurately track your printing budget, they will be able to do a full audit of your printing operation to see where your budget is going and what your actual needs are, thereby allowing them to determine your printing supply and hardware needs.

  • Printing supplies - They can determine how many printing supplies your company actually needs so that you're not overspending on supplies. Many businesses overspend on printing supplies they don't need just so that they don't run out - but this results in increased inventory costs. A managed printing service will determine your exact printing needs and will take care of restocking on supplies before they run out.
  • Hardware consolidation - They will help consolidate your printing hardware, which includes printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners and more. They will determine exactly what is needed and can even reduce the number of printing hardware you have by suggesting more efficient printers that use less ink and that print higher volumes of documents at a faster rate. While investing in new hardware seems like an added expense, you can save on the amount of ink you save as well as on energy costs and maintenance costs required to keep the hardware operational.

Printing costs typically account for 15 percent of a company's yearly spending - managed printing services can help reduce that cost by 30 percent.

2. Improved Efficiency

Reducing the number of print supplies and hardware needed already improves your efficiency. But using a managed print service can also help improve the efficiency of your employees in these following ways:

  • Reduced printing delays - Your employees won't run out of paper or ink when they need to print something, which could cause a huge delay in their productivity.
  • Free up IT staff - Most businesses can free up the roughly 10 percent of their IT staff that were devoted to supporting your printing operation, which means they can focus on other business IT needs.
  • Improved workflow - Managed print services can help improve your workflow by designating specific printers to certain tasks.

3. Improved Sustainability

That's right, using managed print services can help your company become more eco-friendly. This is a big deal - many businesses are taking steps to become more green. Why? Because not only is going green good for the environment, it's good for your reputation. The following are a few ways that managed print services can help you go green:

  • Cut down energy use - By consolidating your printing hardware, they can help you to reduce the amount of energy you are using to operate your printing hardware.
  • Cut down on paper use - You will no longer be purchasing more paper than you need - not to mention that managed printing services can find ways to reduce the volume of printing.

In the end, your company could reduce its carbon emissions by as much as 60 percent simply by using managed print services. By using managed print services, you can help to cut costs, improve efficiency and reduce your company's environmental footprint.

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