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5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Mobile Printing Access

Posted on Tue, Sep 22, 2015

Many businesses are still using large, traditional desktop printers that need to be physically wired into a network or computer to allow employees to print. While these systems do have their advantages, many businesses can benefit substantially by switching to mobile printing, or using mobile printers in conjunction with their current system.

A small, portable, mobile printer allows you and your employees to enjoy the benefits of wireless printing from any location using any device. This flexibility can increase productivity and efficiency, and help you better serve your clients, both advantages that will help increase your bottom line. Below show some of the top 5 reasons why businesses are now switching to mobile printing:

1. When a Business will Often Meet With Clients Offsite

If you or your sales team regularly meet with clients outside the office, you’ll know that it isn’t always possible to find easy access to the internet, let alone a printer. What happens if your client requests a printed copy of a document, and you don’t have one prepared in advance? Typically you will promise to send it through to them later.

With a mobile printer, you can fulfill that request immediately.

Imagine how impressed your clients will be when your sales agents can print any documents they require within seconds using their mobile printer. Used by your sales team, a mobile printer can help provide a higher level of service that puts you a step above the competition.

2. Employees Need to Print From Mobile Devices (i.e. Cell Phones)

Many employees prefer to use their mobile devices to read and send emails, check their calendar, and access documents both on the move and in the office. However, if they want a printed copy, they will need to send the document to a desktop computer networked to a printer.

By providing mobile printers, your employees gain the freedom and flexibility to print on-demand, from any device. This frees your employees up to use whichever piece of hardware they prefer, improving both employee satisfaction and productivity.

HP LaserJet MFP3. The Business Wants to Reduce Hardware and Free Up Space in the Office

With mobile printing, employees can print from their smartphones, and tablets, as well as traditional notebooks and desktop computers. Mobile printers significantly reduce the need for larger printers wired into your network, and means most offices will need just one large printer for specialist functions (such as booklet printing).

All other printing can be done through mobile printers, saving significant space in the office.

4. There's a Need to Upgrade the Printers

Mobile printers may be small in size, but they don’t lack for quality. If your current generation of printers is more than a year old, it is likely that mobile printers can offer improved print quality in addition to all their other benefits. A step down in size doesn’t mean a step down in quality.

5. The Business Wants to Save Employee Time and Increase Productivity

Business is becoming increasingly mobile with mobile phones, tablets and laptops providing employees with the freedom to work productively from multiple locations. However, when they step back into the office they cannot print from these devices – instead having to transfer documents to another machine. Mobile printing solves this problem, saving time and increasing productivity.

Would you like to serve your customers better and increase the productivity of your workforce? Is your current printer system out of date and no longer serving your employees effectively? To find out more about investing in mobile printing contact a member of the Governor Business Solutions team on 313-441-4610 or through our online contact form.

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