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Fed up with paper jams? Here’s 5 printer service tips to help you in the long-run

Posted on Mon, May 5, 2014

When your printer jams constantly it can be a serious inconvenience, and if your business relies on your printer working properly in order to complete time-sensitive tasks, it can be more than an inconvenience - it can be a real headache. However, there are some simple things that you can do to ensure that your office will run as long as possible without a paper jam. Here are five printer service tips to stop paper jams.

1. Keep the Printer Clean: Paper jamming could be the result of a printer that needs cleaning. You may want to do printer service by cleaning the heads with alcohol and make sure that all of the dust and debris has been removed from inside of the printer. Although you can clean the inside with a light dusting cloth, as long as you are very careful, but most of the time, you can remove the cover and get rid of dust and debris by blowing.

2. Check the Paper for Stuck Together Sheets: Sometimes, the cause of your recent paper jam problems is a ream of paper that is stuck together in places. Loosen the sheets of paper by picking up the ream and flipping through the sheets diagonally a couple of times. When more than one sheet attempts to feed into the printer, jams happen almost invariably.

printer service3. Alignment & Tray Load: You should also check to make sure that your paper tray isn't loaded too heavily with paper. This can cause paper jams. Generally, filling up the paper to about three-fourths of its maximum capacity is a safe way to go, although if you aren't experiencing any problems, you can fill it up a little more if you want. It is also helpful to make sure that the slider and the paper tray are aligned properly. This type of printer service can be done yourself if that is what is causing the jamming problem.

4. Types of Paper with your Printer: Another type of printer service that you can easily perform yourself is ensuring that the type of paper that is in the tray is the type that was designed to work with that printer. Using heavier paper than the printer was intended for may cause paper jams, as will putting two different types of paper in the printer. You should use the ream that you have before you switch to another type of paper, even if it was designed for that printer. To avoid paper jams with different types of paper, consider looking into the print setting to inform the printer about the paper weight.

printer repair5. The very best way to prevent paper jams and other problems is to have your printer checked and maintained regularly by a professional like Governor Business Solutions. Having a professional do printer service on your fleet minimizes things like paper jams, being out of toner and allows you to anticipate and deal with other problems before they occur instead of afterward, perhaps right in the middle of a large and important printing job. Governor Business Solutions provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that your printer or printers are being monitored and when a problem happens it will be fixed immediately, so that you can get back on track.

If you're having problems with your printer, give Governor Business Solutions a call today at 313-441-4610. Mention you saw this blog post to receive a first time customer, $75 repair price. 

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