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5 Common Signs of a Printer Malfunction

Posted on Mon, Apr 7, 2014

There are several signs that can tell you that your printer is about to die on you. However, we're going to start by giving you the most common signs of a printer malfunction, so if it were to ever happen, you can proactive, before it's too late... It's important to be proactive with your printers, especially if your printer is in use often, such as in a commercial setting; having it break down can be a major inconvenience and can even slow down or stop business processes. Which is why it's important to have repairs done early, before the printer malfunction actually occurs. Predicting when the printer is going to break down will help with an easier repairs process, not to mention, it can be 10x more costly when you lat too long. Here are your five most common warnings signs to look out for to indicate when your printer is about to break down.

1. Marks Appear on Printed Pages

If your laser printer is printing extra marks or lines on the page, it is a sign that you should call someone to repair your printer. However, before calling in a professional, make sure that your toner cartridges are fairly new and that the printer has been cleaned recently. If these steps have been taken, then you will need someone to repair your printer.

2. Your Printer Makes Strange NoisesUnless you are familiar with your printer, it can be difficult to know what a strange noise is. However, grinding, or loose parts inside the printer are severe warning signs of a printer malfunction and you should get your printer repaired as soon as possible.

3. Toner & bits of Paper are Loose inside the Printer

If you find marks inside of the printer that are obviously toner, or pieces of printer paper, then you need to call in a printer malfunction specialist to get a repair done as soon as possible.

4. Paper Jams on a Regular Basis

If your printer paper begins to jam more often than what you have determined if normal for your printer, this could be an early warning sign of a printer needing repair. However, you may want to do some basic troubleshooting first to make sure that you simply don't have a misaligned paper tray or another issue.
printer jam
5. The Printer doesn't Perform 100%, all the time

No matter what the issue is, when your printer malfunctions so often that it interrupts your business, it is time to call in a repair specialist. Any printer malfunction that happens regularly enough to disrupt your work is reason enough to call in a professional and get your printer in working order again. 

If your looking for a printer repair specialist to look at your device, give us a call. We have specialists trained an prepared to get your business back up and running quickly, with a printer that performs like brand new. We'll have you back at full-speed in no time, call 1-313-441-4610 or visit us online at

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