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4 Ways to save with Managed Print Services

Posted on Mon, Mar 10, 2014


If the pundits were to be believed, the use of paper should no longer be a problem with the advent of the digital world. You might have missed the memo judging by the sheer volume of paper that is currently crowding your desk, or more probably it is buried somewhere beneath the mound of documents that comes spilling off your copier on a daily basis when it's working properly. Unfortunately, an organization is only as strong as its weakest link and if your copy room is proving the weakest part of your organization, perhaps it's time to rationalize your copying issues.

Managed print services are a great way to increase your office's efficiency and also reduce the costs associated with generating the paperwork that is the lifeblood of your company. Indeed, firms who have adopted a managed print service approach have consistently realized saving of upwards of 30% per year on their printing related costs. Here are just a couple ways companies like yours save money with managed print services.

Number 1: Save Money with a Managed Print Services Contract

Your specialty is making widgets, and as such you don't want to waste time learning about the printing game. By letting us help you rationalize your printing system, we can help you standardize your equipment, consolidate your print volume, and reduce aggravation due to lost productivity.

Number 2: Reduce Downtime to Improve Efficiency

You pay your IT manager good money to do IT stuff, but the bulk of their time is spent chasing down error messages associated with trying to print up the company's prospectus.  Typically, these problems are associated with connectivity problems arising from the mish-mash of printing equipment that your office employs. By standardizing your hardware and software needs, managed print services allows you to fix the problem once, and continue on with your day.

Number 3: Optimize Your Printer Location

An employee's cubicle is their castle and the propensity to want to print from the convenience of their own desk is a strong one.  Unfortunately, this convenience comes at a high cost per printed page.  That's because using a small personal computer can boost your printing cost by upwards of five times the cost of utilizing a departmentally based printing station.  With our managed print services contracts, we figure out how to strategically place your printer fleet to optimize efficiency and lower costs while doing so.

Number 4: Eliminate Toner & Ink Expenses


As anyone who has ever priced toner and ink for a desk top printer can tell you, it's possible to buy a whole new printer with a complimentary cartridge of ink for the cost of a single cartridge for your laser printer.  Between this expense and the hassles associated with having to run out to the local office supply store on the regular makes getting managed print services a good idea because as part of our agreement we automatically send you replacement toners to replenish your stock when you run low.


Here's what you do next, talk to a Managed Print Specialist, they will tell you:

  • If your business can benefit from managed print services
  • How much money you will save by using our services
  • How much time you will free up from your IT staff

Get a Free MPS Consultation

When it comes to selecting a partner in your managed print services needs, Governor Business Solutions is your colleague in delivering cost effective, and efficient print services. Our trained and certified technicians will maintain your systems and repair your devices as needed, thus saving you money through enhanced productivity, as well as making sure that your cost per printed page expenses are not busting your budget on a daily basis.  Let us conduct a free, no-obligation managed print service assessment to  ascertain where your organization stands today, and we'll see how we can start saving you money tomorrow.

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