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2014 Document Imaging Solutions Trends

Posted on Mon, Dec 9, 2013

document_solutionsThere is a greater need than ever for document imaging solutions in Michigan, and as the need continues to grow, some very specific trends are emerging for 2014. Knowing what the trends are can help your business be prepared, as document imaging merges with cutting edge technology and new methods and ideas that are happening. Here are some of the most prominent trends in document imaging solutions in Michigan and other areas.

Automation is Vital to Businesses

It has become obvious that automation is the way to cut costs, not just for short term, but in the long run as well. For companies that are looking to tighten the belt, automation solutions are a small investment and lead to big rewards, cutting down on time and manpower hours. Some of the most common types of automation that are currently trending include data entry, proofreading, postage and shipping, paper handling & document loading. This results in less time spent, less storage space needed and less money needed.

Cloud Computing Is Becoming Standard

Cloud computing strikes fear into the hearts of some people. After all, data is stored somewhere "out there" and available for the world to access. However, companies are starting to see the value of cloud computing, and are starting to realize that the storage medium is safe and that the data is secure. This allows companies to share documents with mobile devices like tablets and smartphones as well as laptops. The current trends show that mobile devices outweigh computer ownership three to one and everyone is working differently because of it. In 2014, a major shift is happening as companies make mobile computing, including cloud storage, their highest priority.

2D Barcodes Increase Accuracy & Speed

Anyone familiar with imaging solutions in Michigan has seen 2D barcodes. They are part of the overall automation infrastructure in many cases, and for those companies which haven't used them until now, 2014 will be the year that many make the switch. 2D barcodes contain a huge amount of information, and make everything from shipping to HR processing easier and faster.

Automated Redaction of Sensitive Information

Your documents probably contain information that you'd really rather not be on paper and moving about, especially in the hacker infested world of the data stream. A trend is emerging where sensitive information on documents is scanned, identified and then obscured. Automated redaction of social security numbers, tax IDs and other potentially harmful information is something that many see the value in investing in.

As you can see Document Imaging Solutions is growing more each year. Businesses are accepting that cloud computing is the way to go. But it is important to make sure who handles your documents is in control and can trust. Governor Business Solutions is the licensed, trusted and well known company that can handle this document imaging solutions.

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