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10 Reasons You Will Love HP PageWide Pro MFP Printers

Posted on Mon, Oct 2, 2017

In the market for a new printer? Perhaps you're not sure if investing in a new printer is right for you, because after all, your trusty old setup might be slow, but it seemingly gets the job done. Whatever the boat you're in, the HP PageWide Pro MFP may just turn your head and show you exactly what a top of the line printer can do for you. So before making any final decisions, here are 10 reasons why you'll love the HP PageWide Pro MFP (multi-function) printers.

1. No Inkjets or Lasers

The brand new HP PageWide Pro MFP printers don't use either messy inkjet or lasers. Instead, the toners are both easy to install, and offer up to 2.5 times the amount of print jobs as a standard HP inkjet cartridge. This, in turn, saves you a considerable amount of money over the life of the printer. 

2. 40 PPM Black and White and Color

Chances are, your current printer slows down significantly when moving from black and white to color. That's not the case with the PageWide Pro. Producing pages at up to 40 PPM, you'll discover your need for speed, without breaking the bank. Best of all, this isn't draft speed. This is full-resolution speed. 

3. Lower Color Costs

Everyone would rather have a color printer than a monochrome one. It simply gives you more options. But it also usually costs more to utilize. The brand new HP PageWide printers cut color costs by up to 40% per page than laser printers. 

4. Brand New Security Features

Network security is likely on your mind all the time. With news of hacks and security breaches throughout the world, it often seems like nothing is safe. Due to this, investing in network security is a must. However, your security is only as strong as the weakest link, which often is an IoT (Internet of Things) device. A skilled hacker can infiltrate your network through backdoor methods, including security openings in an Internet connected printer. That is why the brand new security features on the HP PageWide Pro MFP printers is essential. 

5. Multiple Network Connection Options

Is there a specific network connection needed of your printer? Chances are, the HP PageWide Pro MFP printers will have it. Some of the connection options include Ethernet, wireless and USB, just to name a few. 

6. It Does it All

There's a reason why it's called a multi-purpose printer. The PageWide Pro can print, copy, fax and scan, all from the same single device. 

7. Save on Energy Consumption

The printer saves you money in varying ways. While this includes printing more documents per toner cartridge and allowing you to easily print on both sides, the HP PageWide Pro MFP printers are also Energy Star rated, which means you'll cut down on energy consumption as well, saving you even further. 

8. Excellent Color Resolution

In need of a printer that can produce quality color documents? The PageWide Pro can print documents at 2400x 1200 DPI (depending on the model), which is perfect for those photo proofs you're looking for. 

9. Mobile Printing

You no longer need to be tethered down to a desktop to use the printer. At Governor Business Solutions, we can help you select the right HP PageWide Pro printer to connect with Google Cloud, Apple AirPrint, HP ePrint and other mobile applications for smartphone and tablet printing. 

10. Don't Break the Bank

A professional business printer doesn't need to break the bank. With varying model options available in the HP PageWide Pro lineup, you'll find an affordable option.

For more information about the HP PageWide Pro Printers, contact a HP Certified Printer specialist from Governor Business Solutions today. Our staff will work with your needs, and budget to find the best printing strategy for your company. 

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